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About the Trust & It's Management

The Trust was established in 1991 to purchase the last 50 acres of the meadows which had been in private hands; The Dean and Chapter of Salisbury Cathedral had owned the other 38 acres since 1931. Money for the purchase was raised by public appeal and with grants from conservation trusts. 

The Trust is a registered charity - number 1001360

In 2002 a lease was signed with the Dean and Chapter so that The Trust now manages all 88 acres.

Management is conducted by a Land Agent on a consultant basis. The Land Agent is responsible to a Management Committee, chaired by a trustee, which approves all work carried out.

The Land Agent is assisted by a volunteer Bailiff who lives very close to the meadows, patrols them regularly and reports any problems.

Conservation Programme of the Trust

continue the use of the meadows as pastures, repair the fencing and renew hedgerows and trees

preserve the irrigation system in it's age-old form, and re-instate features of this system where possible

manage the land to support as wide a range as possible for flora and fauna

permit limited access for education and enjoyment with due attention to ecological needs

preserve the landscape as a vital and integral part of the Cathedral setting

For an outline of the Restoration Programme click here

Donations can be sent directly to Rose Cottage, Town Path, Salisbury, SP2 8EU and may be Gift Aided.

The Trust is supported by members anywhere in the world, they are kept in touch with what The Trust is doing. Members can play their part in fundraising and maintenance work on the meadows. For details of activities and how to join click here.

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Registered Charity No: 1001360

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