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The Harnham Water Meadows Framework Management Plan - Contents

4. Major Issues

4.1 The nature of issues identified may be:

Specific to a particular place or general to the meadows; for example, archaeological conservation and restoration is

ubiquitous; plants, animals and habitats vary enormously in their degree of local management required.

Continuing agricultural activity when visitor need and conservation imperatives may present problems at specific locations and


Where several issues present in one small area, identifying ‘hot spots’. For example, clearance of channels will be required in

a fashion that permits the preservation and re-colonisation of water Vole habits.

Anticipation ahead of problems occurring, for example drainage over adjacent land, where there is no ownership or

management by the Trust.

A list of jobs, in order of priority is developing for employed staff and volunteers.

A requirement for management records (grazing, cutting, drowning etc.).

4.2 ANNEX II shows the meadows with names and hatch (sluice) numbers.

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