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The Harnham Water Meadows Framework Management Plan - Contents

3. Process

3.1 Stages in the process have been:

Presentation of first draft Framework Management Plan.

Open discussion and acquiring of feedback at the case conference.

Production of a post-workshop draft.

Consultation with those who attended and with other agencies and experts.

Achieving a Framework Management Plan that identifies meadow areas.

Incorporating the outcome of further ecological-based survey.

Production of a Farm Environmental Plan (for Higher Level Stewardship).

3.2 In compiling this list the following have been considered:

Views from external agencies, including the EA, NE and WWT.

Views from within the Trust, the bailiff, archaeologists and farmer (the Meadows are a working farm) and associated

professional interests.

The present infrastructural condition, particularly of hatches, noting current renovation and the way it helps decision-making.

Observations relating to a soil survey at the site by HFC.

What HWMT and its Friends perceive to be good for public visibility, access, demonstration and interpretation across the site in

support of the Trust’s education and outreach function.

Our requirement for volunteer engagement including that of the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV), Sparsholt

College students, Community Service Volunteers and Friends of the HWMT work parties.

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