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The Harnham Water Meadows Framework Management Plan - Contents

15. Tree survey and maintenance

Progress on pollarding has been slow and several trees, especially on Martin’s Mead, need attention and the whole question of trees and stump removal around Rose Cottage to reveal structures is to the fore. Conservation area status requires permission from Salisbury District Council for work on trees and the Town Path is outside the management area for the Trust.

15.2 It is important, however, that no further tree planting is undertaken on the Harnham Water Meadows unless related to traditional species and management. The planting of copses for aesthetic and memorial purposes is not authentic, presents management problems and should be discouraged even if removal may not be deemed appropriate at present. There is a need to respond efficiently to the need for spraying and topping nettles and thistles, as well as ditch clearing. The conference endorsed an inventory for ecologically and archaeologically significant trees on the meadows.

15.3 A tree survey, including recommendations for future management was undertaken by Dr Jamie Compton and Anna Robinson and is in ANNEX XIII.

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