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The Harnham Water Meadows Framework Management Plan - Contents

9. Water voles

9.1 Water voles are an endangered species and both habitat and are protected by statute. Two water vole colonies were identified by WWT (May 2006) along the drain on the Town Path (not managed by the Trust) and on Seven Acres on the eastern meadows. Management ‘hotspots’ occur where water, vegetation and water vole habitat management have to be considered in concert. A subsequent survey found no evidence of water voles around the periphery of the meadows.

9.2 The Conference agreed that clearance of affected channels will be rotational and in keeping with the Water Vole Handbook. Management should be mindful of other factors, particularly the enhancement of emergent vegetation and the water fringes. Relevant agencies will be consulted. ANNEX VII and ANNEX VIII show a scheme for water vole habitat management, based on the Water Vole Handbook. This scheme is to be adopted on Lower Seven Acres at Harnham. During bank restoration, appropriate regard for water voles will have to be given where there are colonies.

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